Praise for the James Wilson Institute

"The James Wilson Fellowship's focus on the natural rights approach to the law is both inspiring and pioneering alike.  The Fellowship was crafted to complete the legal education of jurists and law students.  Crystallizing the linkages between the logic of morals and law and a principled approach to adjudication, the Fellowship makes a most wonderful and invaluable contribution to our Nation.  It also strives to give us a jurisprudence of coherence and reason that is faithful to the rules laid down at the Framing.  These are all excellent gifts of the Fellowship.  In the end, it is the generous, productive and highly instructive teaching moments of the Fellowship's leaders that make a world of constructive difference.  For this and for so much more, I am indebted to the Fellowship." –Dr. Sohan Dasgupta, 2016 James Wilson Fellow

“The James Wilson Seminars are virtually unique in the academic world. Not only are they always devoted to what may be the most important question in American law—the relation of natural law to contemporary legal questions—but they also consistently bring together essentially the set same of scholars and judges, which allows the participants to have a much more substantive, serious, and sophisticated conversation, a conversation extended over time in an ongoing pursuit of the truth. These seminars are the most important conferences I attend.” –Prof. Robert Miller, Regular James Wilson Seminar Participant

“The lessons I've learned here, the friendships that I've made, and the thoughts that were provoked, are all things I'm really looking forward to bringing with me to the next stage of my career.” -Edward Wenger, 2016 James Wilson Fellow