Membership page (right)

Support Levels

  • I. Young Wilsonians - $250
    • Quarterly JWI Newsletter
  • II. Wilsonians - $500
    • Quarterly JWI Newsletter
  • III. Thomas Reid Circle - $1,000
    • All benefits above
    • Signed copy of Prof. Arkes book (choose from 7)
  • IV. John Marshall Circle - $2,500
    • All benefits above
    • Prof. Arkes’ “Political Obligations” lectures (CD) or recorded lectures from another JWI Senior Scholar
  • V. Calvin Coolidge Circle - $5,000
    • All benefits above
    • Private JWI events, speaker receptions, dinners
  • VI. Abraham Lincoln Circle - $10,000
    • All benefits above
    • A JWI Senior Scholar or Affiliated Scholar will speak at a private donor-hosted event during the membership year.

Sustaining Levels

  • Alexander Hamilton Patrons
    • $5,000 annually for 3 years
    • All benefits of Tiers I - V
    • Hamilton Patrons are named sponsors of  JWI Summer Fellows.  We will arrange for Fellows to meet personally with their Patrons annually, after their Fellows program. Patrons are members of the JWI Patrons Council.
  • John Witherspoon Patrons
    • $20,000 annually for 3 years
    • All benefits of Tiers I-V
    • Witherspoon Patrons support one of our three JWI Senior Fellows.  They may host a private event in their hometown at which Prof. Arkes or one of our Senior Fellows* will speak. Patrons are members of the JWI Patrons Council & JWI Board of Advisors.

To sustain the work of the James Wilson Institute as a Patron, please speak with JWI Managing Director Michael Maibach. You may reach him via telephone at 703-851-6811 or via email at m at

For information on Planned Giving & Giving Through Stocks and Bonds, please visit here.

Contributions in the form of a personal check may be sent to the following address: James Wilson Institute, 722 12th St. NW, Fourth Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005.